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NeroCMD is a console application that facilitates the processing of commands which. NeroAPI understands. This part of the document has been created for. What is the arguments for for the first burn and successive burn of data directory on the same BD-R? Condition: directories. Motivation. NeroCmd is a console application that facilitates the processing of commands understood by the NeroAPI. This part of the documentation has been .

Hi folks,. I'm looking for a solution to burn more than one directory or file with NeroCMD? Parameter file: -write --real --tao --tao --close_session --iso myvolume. Reference Using to burn data files. I have a working example of, it's in a batch file designed to zip a file then burn it. Is there a switch command that will allow you to backup subdirectories using the command? I am attempting to use the followi.

NeroCmd Media Writer Service. Description. Media Writer Service for using Default Value. nerocmd. DriveLetter. Drive Letter(e.g.: X). Default Value. X. Dvd. Use NeroCMD utility to burn the files. It seems that you can burn files by something like: --write --real --drivename E --underrun_prot -- media_type. I have the command line Nero utility, NeroCmd, but there is precious little documentation with it. Unfortunately, the only info available is the terse list of MANY. You'd have to modify one of the existing buttons or make a new one that made use of the –close_session switch. Look at whatever documentation .

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