International farting contest download

By Zuludal

International farting contest

"The Battle at Thunderblow: The Great Crepitation Contest of " is a that gives a play-by-play account of an international farting contest. Not for the faint of heart, here is the remarkable Crepitation (Fart) Contest ( part of the News Broadcasts Collection). You'll enjoy the. The Contest: The World Champion Farting Contest and Six Authentic English Pub Songs. WORLD CHAMPION International Wind-Breaking Contest Audio CD.

Mr Methane News, The Latest Farting News - Great American Farting Contest doubles its prize money to 10K. Unknown Artist - International Crepitation Contest. 15 Sidney S. Brown / Jules Lipton / Paul Boomer / Lord Windesmere - Grand Crepitation (Farting) Contest. The international standard rules for a farting competition keep to myself what is the definitive rules for a professionally run farting contest.

Got a face for radio, or a voice best heard in the shower? You could still score 15 minutes of fame provided you've got a sufficiently epic fart. Dr. D way back (maybe it still is) about the farting contest? You know, . Farting Contest (POC ) POC International Ltd., PO Box

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