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By Yolrajas


I would like to understand the difference between the Xilinx JTAG and the ARM PJTAG used in Zynq devices. Are there features available in PJTAG and not in Xilinx JTAG? Is the Xilinx JTAG enough for deep ARM debugging?. Also, the PJTAG is routed via EMIO on J16 to the mezzanine board and then wired to J The result is that a debugger (for example Lauterbach) can use the . Facing issues with linux kernel driver for USB, we are trying to debug it with Segger J-Link base with PJTAG header on the board. I set-up DS

BTS is one of the reasons why ARMYs smile! Their songs make us super happy! #BTS is ARMY's drug! Please play Fake Love by @BTS_twt on. What commercial SJTAG to PJTAG converter I can use to burn the iMX fuses and also to debug it Thanks Sergio Sosa. If PJTAG isn't available by default, how am I suppose to get PJTAG to work? Marek Vasut Jan 2, PM. Correct Answer. Grab this

PJTAG is NOT available on MIO pins (used by other peripherals!), but it can be routed to PEC_FPGA for ARM Debug Antti. trioflex: Posts: /solano888productions.com processing_system7_v5_5/daf63/data/zynqconfig/pjtag/. Fetching latest.

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