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Gvonavi english

Hi guys, since the old forums are gone, I figured links to GVONavi and the latest map would be helpful. Place everything in the zip file in the location where you installed your game (Windows 10 is located at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Papaya Play\Uncharted Waters Online) It is the. There you have 2 links(Mediafire and Green icon link) where you can download GVO NAVI-GPS. Open GVO navi. HOT KEYS #UWO #UnchartedWatersOnline →. Not much to say, i translated GVONavish (similar to GVONavi but with a route manager) to english and added the map for Atlantis EP 3.

Posts about GVONavi map written by mapshack. by Shackleton. Archives for category: GVONavi map . First english UWO map (). The GVONavi maps are best used together with the GVONavi GPS program. Here is the current download link for the english version It is known as GVONavi and is a sort of GPS that runs alongside UWO. Simply load it up, perhaps a bit of tinkering is needed, it has been some.

solano888productions.com problems include high CPU usage, application errors, and possible virus infection. Here are the top five most common solano888productions.com problems and. GVO Navi GPS for UWO. Updated: August 01, New map link: https://s solano888productions.com I didn't make. GVO Navi is another option, its almost the same program: all the controls are in english, but the map doesnt have North America yet. You can.

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