Appaloosa plains objectcache download

By Gulrajas

Appaloosa plains objectcache

Hi there, When extracting the Sims 3 pets download with WinRAR the solano888productions.comCache is apparently corrupt. Is there a fix for this?. Login and you should find the game in MyGames to download. File: F:\Caches\Sunset solano888productions.comCache. I downloaded Sims 3 with Origin and installed my 6 expansions the normal way. when it got to a installing point, it stopped and said 'File:D:/caches/ solano888productions.comCache Error:Data error (cyclic redundancy check.)'.

The Sims 3 Pets\ Caches\solano888productions.comChache, I get an objectCache Error: Data error: (cyclic redundancy check) Can someone. This is the file with the Resources imported from download thread [In Testing]Resources for's. Do you have the Sims 3? The Sims Pets is an expansion pack and won't work unless you have the original Sims 3 game. If that is the problem.

You can download it from here all you have to do is register, and voila! the world is empty as well so you. I get the following message: Feature transfer error. sims 3 file:d:\caches\ solano888productions.comcache error: Data Error (cyclic redundancy. The error thing says "File: D:\solano888productions.comCache Error: Incorrect function." Anonymous. First, ensure that the game disc is not damaged or dirty. objectCache'. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. (0x)" I have the options "Abort," "Retry," and "Ignore." I've hit "Retry" a dozen.

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