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Atari portfolio software

The Atari Portfolio - world's first handheld/palmtop/pocket "PC". files to/from other PCs using the Parallel Interface and built-in software. Atari Portfolio. The Atari Portfolio (aka Atari PC Folio) is a IBM PC-compatible palmtop PC, and was released by Atari Corporation in June , making it the world's first palmtop computer. Software for Atari Portfolio. Thanks to its popularity back then, Portfolio experienced a flood of software for virtually all applications. However.

Most known pocket PC, Atari Portfolio, is a small PC with non-backlit LCD and keyboard. Its logic and software was designed in UK by DIP Research, but licensed to Atari and manufactured under Atari Portfolio brand. SOFTWARE SOURCES_______________________________________ Where can I get What is in the Atari Portfolio Libraries on Compuserve?. The worlds number one Atari Portfolio Web Site. Communications Programs, Software Drivers For The Portfolio, 8. Games, Graphics Programs/Utilities .

Diese Seite auf deutsch. Atari Portfolio - Links & Software. Info on the Portfolio. Portfolio Club Deutschland (PCD). Assembler course from the club's journal. I've had an Atari Portfolio HPC for a couple of years now. It's a slick little palm -top: solid state memory, MS-DOS compatible, 4 AA batteries. the worlds first IBM compatible pocket computer, the Pocket PC, sold under license by Atari as the Portfolio. KB ROM contains applications software. DOS in ROM; ROM software; Port for RAM CARD (drive A:) and expansion To ease the transferts between a Portfolio and a PC, Atari made this "PC Card .

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